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Clear Creek Cornhole offers multiple leagues in the Kansas City area. Please join on Facebook group for up to date league information, or the event's page for more information.


For All Leagues


Clear Creek has invested in top of the line boards, towers, and electronics so we expect all players to treat facility equipment with care. This includes the bags used for game play, which must be ACL/ACO approved(outdated stamp/no stamp is OK) for all events including league, blind draws, and tournaments.


We strive to ensure all players have a great time within our leagues, this includes producing an electronic handicap in some instances. In leagues including a handicap, the following rules apply.
- Each team is allowed a max of 2 sessions with a walker(1 of the 2 players throwing), and a max of 2 sessions with a substitute player. After hitting the maximum amount, a team loss at 21-Team Handicap will be applied for each game during that session.
-  If a team uses a walker or sub, they forfeit all handicap points given.
- Both players must be in attendance for the league ending tournament, no walkers or substitutes allowed.


Non handicap leagues typically run in 5 week intervals, and may have specific requirements specified for a given session. Below are the general rules for non-handicap leagues in regards to attendance.

- You must make it 60% of the games for a given league in order to participate in an end tournament where applicable.

- In instances of seeding to a tournament, an A and B bracket will only take effect if the given league has more than or equal to 20 players. The A and B bracket give a equal chance of play for pairing between higher and lower ranked players. In these instances the seeding will be based on the players top 60% of games, this ensures proper seeding in instances of absences.


The follow rules apply for league schedules and tournament play:

- Handicap leagues currently play each team in league 2 times. If the overall size of the league is less than 24 total teams, only a single end of bracket league will be produced. Starting for all new leagues after 1/24/2022, if the league is greater than 24 total teams, the bracket will be split into an A and B side. The current payout structure is 70% for A, 30% for B after any payouts are done for overall league winners. In instances of uneven leagues(odd number), the odd team plays up into the A bracket. The seeding will following existing seeding rules for teams that are absent for the tournament.

- If a leagues total number of weeks is shortened to ensure enough games are to be played each week, then the league end tournament will remain in the same advertised spot. For example, if a league is set to 10 weeks with an 11 week tournament but the league determines it must shorten league play to 8 weeks for optimized game counts, the tournament will remain on the 11th week.

- All league end tournaments starting on 1/6/2021 and forward will be seeded based on all teams, regardless of the teams ability to be present. As an example, if a league has 26 teams in it and at tournament time only 22 are available, the tournament will be seeded with 26 teams(the teams that do not show up will have ghost players in those positions.)

- Starting on 1/6/2021 and forward all new leagues will abide by the following holiday week rules. Leagues will not have league nights on the weeks containing these holidays(Sunday-Saturday for a given week). Clear Creek may elect to have a separate event in these cases.

* Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years Eve


Blind draws follow the same equipment guidelines as traditional tournaments, with a few minor rules to abide by. In order to be as fair with partner pairings as possible, Clear Creek will not run a "re-draw" of player pairings unless one of the following items occur:

- Technology issues (including but not limited to the software, hardware, or network/data related issues within one of our venues.)

- Duplicated player entry.

- Input/clerical mistake by Clear Creek admin.

- Time adjustment to event that causes a player to be late or causes players to leave.

Once the blind draw begins, if either partner is unable to complete matches(forcing a player to walk alone outside of an odd number/ghost situation) the team must forfeit the given match.

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